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Meet The Team

Lealanie Bennett 

Founder, BSN RN

Lanie started her career in nursing with gaining her bachelors degree at West Coast University in 2014. Soon after she passed her boards, she became an ICU nurse specializing in Neuro with 7+ years experience. While working the ICU she simultaneously founded her first business LB Sculpt, with a focus on body sculpting.  Now she is happy to have founded Sculpt Aesthetics Med Spa with her passion to help people look and feel their all around best.

Nurse Lanie

Victoria Seanoa

Patient Care Coordinator/ Assistant Manager

Victoria is the newest team member to join Sculpt Aesthetic Med Spa in 2021.  Helping clients achieve their goals are key to her roles here.  In 2013, Victoria received her B.A. in Psychology and has since found her passions in customer relations and analytics.  She educates, advocates, and celebrates technologies used at Sculpt Aesthetics, as well as the clients who love them.  In her free time, she also works as an animal behaviorist, specializing in force-free behavior modification.


Francesca Di Prima

Patient Care Coordinator / Assistant Manager

Francesca comes to us with a 10-year background in the health care industry. Her career began in customer service and through her working experience throughout business operations she became an Instructor for Learning and Development. She developed skillsets in training and performing instructional design to help onboard new hires. She loves all things beauty and skin care. She is currently studying for her nursing degree and aspires to be an Aesthetic Nurse. Francesca is passionate for our clients needs and ensures they have the best experience here at Sculpt Aesthetics Med Spa. She loves seeing the improvements our treatments provide and observes the boost of confidence our patients get from achieving their individual aesthetic and body sculpting goals. She enjoys interacting with and educating our patients regarding services and products.


Dr. Brandyn Dunn

Medical Director

Dr. Dunn

Charmaine Jane F

Laser Nurse, BSN RN

Charmaine gained her bachelors in Nursing degree from Cal State Long Beach. She started her career in 2018 as an Emergency room nurse in downtown LA. With over four years of experience in Emergency and trauma nursing, she is glad to have bridged her skills and has found a passion with Aesthetics nursing. She loves to interact with clients, and aims to keep them comfortable throughout procedures. It excites her to be a part of one’s journey towards feeling their best and growing confidence and self love.


This place is honestly wonderful & has exceeded my expectations just from an experience standpoint. The girls that work here are very sweet and accommodating and have excellent customer service skills. The prices are very reasonable, and it's an easy process to make an appointment. They have earned a loyal customer out of me, and I plan on coming back regularly for treatments to help me maintain a figure I can feel confident about. There's literally a place similar to this less than a mile from where I live but I choose to drive the 20 miles just to come to them.
Thank you ladies!

Brook W.

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